Season 20 (2013)

Power Rangers Megaforce

For centuries, the earth has been protected by a supernatural guardian named Gosei and his robotic aide, Tensou.  When the evil Warstar aliens plan a massive invasion of Earth, Gosei calls upon five teenagers with talent and attitude to form the ultimate team...the Power Rangers Megaforce!  Using their newfound special abilities, mega-weapons, high-tech Zords and giant Megazords to battle this new alien threat, the Power Rangers Megaforce prove that “Earth’s defenders never surrender!”  Go Go Megaforce!


Troy Burrows

Red Ranger

Troy is the new kid in town.  He moved often as a child and because of that he’s become a latch-key kid who had to grow up fast and knows how to take care of himself.  He’s a bit of a loner at the start, but he’s eager to make new friends and grateful when he is joined with the other teens as the Megaforce.  Troy enjoys practicing and perfecting his martial arts skills.  He’s got the focus and discipline to make him a force to be reckoned with.  He doesn’t look for trouble but he’ll never run from it when someone is in need.  Compassionate and loyal, Troy is a champion of the underdog be they human or alien.  As the series begins, Troy doesn’t know that it’s his destiny to be the leader of the Megaforce but with his manner, discipline and karate skills, it’s as if he were training for the job all his life.  A natural leader, he quickly rises to the challenge of becoming the newest Red Ranger and leading his comrades into every skirmish with courage and determination.


Emma Goodall

Pink Ranger

Emma is in tune with nature.  She’s a compassionate and charitable teen who does whatever she can to help others and protect the environment.  Her lifelong pursuit of being a BMX biker is one of her main interests, while nature photography is her way of expressing her love of ecology.  Emma has her own spin on their Ranger mission and takes the aliens’ attacks on the environment personally.  Grateful to have her best friend Gia (the Yellow Ranger) at her side in this scary yet noble adventure, she is anxious to protect our planet from the bad guys.  Emma’s goal is not only to save the world but also to make it a better place.

Noah Carver

Blue Ranger

The school’s geek, Noah is incredibly clever and kind, but a bit socially awkward.  He often finds himself dragged into social adventures by Jake (the Black Ranger) when he’d rather remain safely in the warm glow of a computer monitor.  He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and is awed by the fact that aliens are attacking Earth – and even more excited by the technology that the team gets to use in their battles.  The combination of Jake’s social savvy and Noah’s tech skills make them a great team.  The physical part of being a Power Ranger is hardest for Noah but both Troy and Jake help him with it.  In the end, Noah succeeds by employing his true strength – brainpower.  Noah shares his love of science and the paranormal with his goofy science teacher, Mr.  Burley.  

Gia Moran

Yellow Ranger

Not only is she the prettiest and most intelligent but Gia is also the toughest girl at school.  While her personable demeanor tempts many boys, her formidable martial arts skills keep them at bay.  Even though she’s “Miss Perfect,” Gia is not a snob.  Things just come easy to her.  Imagine the Prom Queen with Hilary Clinton’s smarts and a bit of Lara Croft’s fight skills mixed in for good measure.  Gia is generally unflappable and carries herself with a sense of confidence that comes from success.  She is surely heading to a future at the top of whatever field she chooses to pursue.  She’s been best friends with Emma (the Pink Ranger) since they were little girls and even though they are now very different, Gia would never dream of abandoning her friend just because they are in different social cliques.  Sometimes her effortless success frustrates her new teammates but everyone knows they can count on her.

Jake Holling

Black Ranger

Jake is a fearless, fun-loving teen with a never ending well of optimism.  He’s an athlete good enough to make the team yet isn’t a star player.  His main passion in life is soccer and it’s rare to find him without a soccer ball nearby.  Jake’s fearlessness also applies to his social life.  His determination will not allow something like the lack of an invitation to stop him from going to a party or getting out on the dance floor.  He is best friends with geeky Noah (Blue Ranger), whom he never stops trying to get to loosen up and have fun.  Jake sees his new super-hero role as an opportunity to do great things even if he occasionally wishes he could let the world know that he’s the one saving it.  Jake does have one major weak spot and that’s his crush on Gia (the Yellow Ranger).  He tries to play things cool but he wears his heart on his sleeve and he’s certain that one day he’ll win her over.

Other Characters

Robo Knight


Like Gosei, Robo Knight is of, and powered by the Earth.  Created by Gosei eons ago, Robo Knight can also turn into the Lion Zord .  He morphs from Zord to Robot at will.  Buried underground for centuries, the Earth itself awakens him when it senses this significant threat.  He emerges with the programmed goal of defending the planet from the forces that wish to damage it and protecting the environment.  But his extended hibernation has accidentally erased portions of his memory, causing him confusion as to the role of humans.  Humans are initially sometimes seen as a threat to the planet in his eyes.  He eventually comes to understand the true good in humans and that their fate and Earth’s are intertwined and becomes the de facto Sixth Ranger, fighting alongside the Megaforce.



Tiger Zord


Dragon Zord


Phoenix Zord



Robo Morpher


Mega Morpher



Vulcan Cannon


Mega Blaster


Dragon Sword


Robo Blade


Phoenix Shot