Season 3 (1995)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 3

Rita Repulsa’s twisted family members Rito Revolto and Master Vile join forces with Lord Zedd and Rita to step up their plan to conquer Earth.  Learning the mystical arts of the ninja from the sage Ninjor, the Power Rangers battle on with magical martial arts abilities against the greatest threat of their lives.


Katherine Hillard

New Pink Ranger
S3 Mighty Morphin Katherine Hillard New Pink Ranger

Katherine was introduced to viewers as Katherine Hillard, a friendly, bright newcomer to Angel Grove who came to the United States when her father’s job transferred him from Australia.  Unfortunately, she falls into the clutches of Rita Repulsa, who casts a spell on her, changing Katherine into an evil cat.  Rita and Zedd use Katherine as a pawn in their evil schemes against the Power Rangers until an act of goodness breaks the spell.  Katherine and the power teens become close friends and when Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson) decides to pursue her dream of becoming a world class gymnast, Katherine is chosen to take her place as the new Pink Ranger.  Her bravery and agility prove her worthy of her new powers.  As a Power Ranger, Katherine calls on her Pink Ranger power and commands the Crane Ninjazord, which she does with grace and speed.

Rocky DeSantos

Red Ranger

Rocky is the kind of outgoing guy everyone would vote to be class president.  He’s extremely likable, charismatic and good-looking.  He’s an open and giving person, remembering the humble beginnings of a broken home in which he helped his mom raise six younger brothers and sisters.  To help find a release from his complicated childhood, Rocky began studying martial arts at a young age.  Now at  17, he’s a Black Belt with awesome skills.  As a Power Ranger, Rocky calls on his Red Ranger power to command the mighty Ape Ninjazord with wisdom and strength.

Kimberly Hart

Pink Ranger

She is a bright and beautiful girl who loves mirrors, shopping malls and gymnastics. At school she is always the most popular girl and loves the attention she receives. Deep down, she is strong and independent and has always longed for adventure and danger.  A champion gymnast, Kimberly is practicing for the Pan-Global Games gymnastics competition.  Her mother moved to Paris, so she is now living at Aisha’s house.  As a Power Ranger, Kimberly calls on her Pink Ranger Power and commands the Crane Ninjazord, which she does with grace and speed.

Billy Cranston

Blue Ranger

Billy is an ultra-intelligent kid who at times has trouble communicating with his own peers.  Many consider him a nerd…until they get to know him.  The fact is, Billy is a sweet, good-hearted super-genius who has focused entirely on academics.  He is very familiar with the Command Center’s computers and has gotten the Power Rangers out of many predicaments with his highly developed computer skills.  Billy is fascinated by the world around him and has a deep need to know how everything works.  Little things like gamma rays and accelerated subatomic particles keep him happy and engaged in his hobby…learning.  As a Power Ranger, Billy calls on his Blue Ranger power to command the Wolf Ninjazord with silence and strength.

Adam Park

Black Ranger

Adam, Korean-American, is a handsome, shy, humble and somewhat mysterious young man.  He has no clue that the girls think he’s totally gorgeous.  Thanks to his Zen-like meditation and his years of martial arts training, Adam is very focused and disciplined, possessing great inner strength.  As a small boy, somewhat introverted and smaller than the other boys, he turned to martial arts as a means of building his self-esteem and defending himself  against bullies.  He practices a special form of the martial arts known as Shaolin Kung Fu.  As a Power Ranger, Adam calls on his Black Ranger power to command the Frog Ninjazord with quick form and courage.

Aisha Campbell

Yellow Ranger

Aisha is a real live wire and full of “joie de vivre” – a warm, bubbly, outgoing, fun-loving teen.  Her boundless energy and cool hip-hop dancing make her stand out at any party.  She looks at life optimistically, and is an expert at turning around a bad situation and making people around her feel good about themselves.  Almost instantly, Aisha and Kimberly became best friends and confidantes.  They also have a lot in common, particularly their passion for fashion.  This Power Ranger has no problem saying what’s on her mind – which sometimes means putting her foot in her mouth.  In any situation, she’ll definitely give you a piece of her mind.  In particular, she has no patience for Lord Zedd’s antics, which makes her a determined Power Ranger.  As a Power Ranger, Aisha calls on her Yellow Ranger power to command the Bear Ninjazord with cunning speed.

Tommy Oliver

White Ranger

Due to his courage, strength and honor, Tommy is the leader of the Power Rangers.  Formerly under the spell of the evil Rita Repulsa, Tommy was the Green Ranger.  Because he was under Rita’s spell, he began to lose his powers but Zordon deemed him worthy and true of becoming the new White Ranger.  The White Ranger challenges evil with the powerful Falcon Zord that patrols the sky, defending Angel Grove in times of emergency.  The Falcon Zord combines with the other Ninjazords to become the Ninja Megafalconzord.  He carries an enchanted white saber, known as Saba, which assists the White Ranger in battle.

Other Characters


Red Shogun Zord

S03 Red Shogun Zord 1_490x490


Metallic Armor

S03 White Metallic Armor_490x490

Wrist Communicator


Power Morpher

S01 All Power Morpher 1_490x490

Power Coin


Metallic Armor

S03 Pink Metallic Amor_490x490

Red Shark Cycle

S03 Red Shark Cycle_square

Metallic Armor

S03 Red Metallic Armor.tif_490x490


Blade Blaster


Power Sword