Season 12 (2004)

Power Rangers Dino Thunder

When the wicked Mesogog attempts to revert the Earth back to a prehistoric age of dinosaurs, legendary veteran Ranger Tommy Oliver returns to action.  Recruiting a soccer prodigy, a computer expert, and a fledgling musician to harness their own powers derived from dinosaurs, they must unite as the Power Rangers Dino Thunder to protect the Earth.


Conner McKnight

Red Ranger

Conner is the star of the Reefside High soccer team. When he first becomes the Red Ranger, he only thinks about himself, but he soon realized the value of being there for others. Conner’s Dino Gem gives him the ability of super speed and the Tyrannozord to fight on his side.  Once Conner is able to believe in himself, others are able to as well. With the power of all five Dino Gems, he uses the Shield of Triumph to become the Triassic Ranger, and command the Mezodon Rover. After realizing his passion for protecting others, Conner is able to discover his true potential by unlocking the Battlizer.



Ethan James

Blue Ranger

Ethan is intrigued when he finds his Dino Gem. After realizing what’s at stake, he gladly becomes the Blue Ranger. Ethan uses the Tricera Armor to protect his skin and increase his strength and calls upon the mighty Tricerazord in the fight against evil. As a champion gamer, Ethan loves to play video games and surf the web, so much that he often becomes distracted. After being zapped into a video game, Tommy reminds him that being a Ranger isn’t a game. He learns that he must be prepared for anything.

Kira Ford

Yellow Ranger

As a lone musician, Kira is best able to express herself in her music. She doesn’t want anything to do with the Dino Gems at first, because it’s just too weird for her, but when Dr. Oliver recruits her as the Yellow Ranger, she decides to put aside her fears. She uses the Ptera Scream to stop evil in their tracks, and pilots the powerful Pterazord. Kira learns to look beyond people’s stereotypes, and realize that despite their flaws, that they can be friends.

Tommy Oliver

Black Ranger

Tommy has a long history as a Power Ranger. Originally the Green Power Ranger, he was forced to fight for evil. Fortunately, the spell is broken and he redeems himself as he later becomes the White Power Ranger. Tommy completes his destiny by becoming  the Red Zeo Ranger, and later becoming the Red Turbo Ranger before passing on his powers to TJ.  Now a mild mannered science teacher, Tommy recruits three of his students, chosen by the Dino Gems; to become the next generation of Power Rangers. Tommy joins the team by becoming the Black Ranger. He has the power of invisibility and the Brachiozord to assist him in the fight.


Trent Fernandez

White Ranger

Trent begins to suspect his father Anton Mercer’s motives when strange things begin to happen. When Trent finds a Dino Gem posessed by evil, he is transformed into the evil White Ranger. He joins his father Mesogog in the battle against the Power Rangers. His Dino Gem gives him the power to camouflage himself into any environment. He has the power of the Dragozord at his disposal.

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