Season 16 (2008)

Power Rangers Jungle Fury

When the ancient evil spirit Dai Shi returns to wipe out all humans, a trio of teenagers must learn secret kung fu styles based on the world’s most ferocious jungle animals to become Power Rangers and save the world.


Casey Rhodes

Red Ranger

18 yrs. old, good looking, athletic, fun-loving and free spirited. He is a gifted fighter but has a hard time with discipline and rules (think Ryan Reynolds.) He’d rather do just about anything than practice. He’s a risk taker, a thrill seeker. Like his animal spirit, the Tiger, Casey is a bit of a rebel and likes to do things his own way. He is also a master of the rig job and can fix anything with a rubber band and some paper clips.

Lily Chilman

Yellow Ranger

Lily is 18 years old. Her animal spirit is the Cheetah and it shows in her lightning fast moves and cool demeanor. She is very girly-looking and cute, but don’t let that fool you.  Before coming to Pai Zhuq she was the captain of the Cheer Squad at her High School.  She brought home gold by incorporating her street dance into the school’s performances.  Although she looks like the stereotypical cheerleader, underneath she is a tough as nails, free spirit who should not be underestimated.  Unbeknownst to anyone, many of her kung fu moves are hybrids derived from her numerous years of dancing.  Martial arts started as a hobby when she was a kid, but quickly moved into an obsession.

Theo Martin

Blue Ranger

Theo is 17 years old.  He is a straight-laced, preppy conformist who never wants to get into trouble or break the rules.  Like his animal spirit, the Jaguar, he is smart, sleek, and a good fighter. He sometimes gets frustrated by the free spirited.  He’s “by the book”, but not bookish.  He wants people to realize that preppy can still be cool and even though he wears suspenders, he’ll still kick your butt.

Robert James

Wolf Ranger

He may be 21 or he may be 93 as he claims. He grew up at the Order of the Claw since he was a baby, but his masters knew that as proficient as he was at martial arts, his life experience was zero. He was sent out to experience life and what better way than to open up a pizza parlor? At “Jungle Karma Pizza” he serves as the teens’ boss and Ranger mentor.

Dominic "Dom" Hargan

White Rhino Ranger

He is a mischievous former Pai Zhuq student sent by Master Mao to find his path in life. After six years of wandering, he finds himself at JKP with the Rangers. After initially rejecting him, the Rangers accept him into the team when he saves Fran from a falling sign. He controls the Rhinoceros spirit.

Other Characters


Gorilla Zord


Shark Zord


Tiger Zord



Strike Rider


Solar Morpher



Claw Booster


Battle Claws


Jungle Chucks


Battle Claws


Jungle Mace