Season 14 (2006)

Power Rangers Mystic Force

Legend says when the Darkness arises, five brave teen Sorcerers will be called to fight for the planet’s survival. With guidance from their wise mentor and the ancient Xenotome, Book of the Unknown, they will embark on magical adventures, befriend mystical dragons, battle dangerous beasts, encounter pure evil, and transform into the Power Rangers Mystic Force.


Nick Russell

Red Ranger

Nick is the new kid in town who originally comes to Briarwood to live with his sister. He spends most of his time riding and working on his motorcycle. While being the first to speak up about helping an old man and getting the others to follow him, he was the last to embrace magic and become a Power Ranger. As Nick shows leadership by stepping up to help the old man, Udonna knows that he is the one who’s meant to lead the team as the Red Ranger. With his mystic power, he has control over fire which gives him moves of fury. Nick had a unique mental connection with Koragg, Koragg was able to talk to the Ranger inside his head and eventually Nick was able to do visa versa.

Xander Bly

Green Ranger

Xander has a winning smile and is usually able to charm his way into getting others to do what he wants. Nick calls him ‘Mr. Personality’. He likes to spend his free time skateboarding and when he’s not doing that he’s usually lounging around the Rockaporium. He moved to the United States years ago from Australia and initially had trouble making friends. Teased for his accent, he found himself always on the outside and the last kid picked for sports teams. Eventually, he befriended Madison, Chip, and Vida. Quick witted and a natural born leader, Udonna chooses Xander as the Green Ranger. His mystic power puts nature at his command.

Madison Rocca

Blue Ranger

Madison is the introverted and unvarying one of the group. She almost always has her camera with her as she expresses herself best through her films. Although Madison comes off as shy, she was the one to confront Nick to try to convince him to stay in Briarwood and be a Ranger. She has a real heart for her friends which qualifies her as the perfect choice to be the Blue Ranger.  Her mystic power allows her control water.

Vida Rocca

Pink Ranger

Vida is a tough as nails, no nonsense kind of girl with a chip on her shoulder. She believes actions speak louder than words and is more inclined to knock down a door than open it. She is often seen DJing at the Rockporium. Vida may have a tough personality but she has a big heart and is always there for her friends and sister. Vida is chosen to be the Pink Ranger even though she is not particularly fond of the color. Her mystic power gives her the ability to shapeshift into various things that can create gusts of wind.

Charlie "Chip" Thorn

Yellow Ranger

Chip is a good friend and has a sharp wit. He had been friends with the Rocca sisters since childhood. Fascinated with all things fantasy and armed with a vivid imagination, Chip had dreams of saving the world, not realizing what lay ahead. He was more than thrilled to become a Mystic Force Power Ranger. His mystic power gives him the ability to use light to create jolts of lightning.

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