Season 8 (2000)

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

After 5000 years of imprisonment, the demon armies of Diabolico threaten to destroy the human race, prompting a secret government agency called Lightspeed Rescue to recruit a team of heroes to protect the world as the newest Power Rangers.


Carter Grayson

Red Ranger

With his courage, charisma and take charge attitude, Carter leads the Ranger team. As a child, he was rescued from a blazing inferno by a mysterious firefighter, and he now strives to follow in his hero’s footsteps. The traumatic event gave Carter a deep commitment to saving lives, and he always places other’s safety above his own. Behind the controls of PyroRescue One, the Red Ranger battles evil with a blaze of glory.

Dana Mitchell

Pink Ranger

As the youngest member of the Ranger team and the daughter of Captain Mitchell (who put the Ranger team together), Dana always tries just a little bit harder because she wants her father’s approval. She’s smart, responsible and a top paramedic whose dedicated herself to helping others. The forces of evil take a beating from the Pink Ranger and her powerful MedRescue Five.

Chad Lee

Blue Ranger

Chad grew up in a beach town and practically knew how to swin before he could even walk. Extremely shy, he is more comfortable around marine animals than he is around other people, but he is slowly learning to adapt with the help of his friend Kelsey, the Yellow Ranger. Chad loves to surf and possesses incredible martial arts skills. In AquaRescue Two, the Blue Ranger any evil that stands in his way.

Kelsey Winslow

Yellow Ranger

Kelsey is a fierce competitor with a passion for extreme sports. With a fearless attitude, there’s no challenge she won’t attack with daring. She’s just as dynamic in her personal life and the other Rangers don’t always understand her, but they can’t help but admire her boundless energy and infectious spirit. The Yellow Ranger cleans up danger in the powerful HazRescue Four.

Joel Rawlings

Green Ranger

With his cocky attitude and superior flying skills, Joel lives up to his nickname of “the Shy Cowboy.” Although his hotshot flying skills are unrivaled, his confidence borders on arrogance and he must learn the value of working as a team player. Despite his brashness, he has a good heart and he’s a brave fighter. When the Green Ranger dives from the sky in AeroRescue Three, evil is sure to run for cover.

Ryan Mitchell

Titanium Ranger

Under the control of evil forces, this striking Ranger threatens the team operation. But with the influence of all that is good, the Titanium Ranger realizes his true destiny and becomes a powerful ally. The other Rangers are grateful for his help and a deep bond develops that can never again be broken.

Other Characters


Omega Zord One


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