Season 18 (2011)

Power Rangers Samurai

A new generation of Power Rangers must master the ancient Symbols of Samurai Power which give them control over the elements of Fire, Water, Sky, Forest, and Earth.  Under the guidance of their all-knowing mentor and the aid of their devoted animal Zords, they battle the dark forces of the Netherworld and a mysterious Warrior bent on destruction.



Red Ranger

The Red Ranger is the leader of the Power Rangers. His element is fire and his Zord a lion.  He is of few words, but when he speaks he means what he says. He was raised by his mentor and has become an excellent warrior after years of keeping the Moogers at bay on his own; however, he is still getting accustomed to his leadership role after fighting solo for so long. He is kind and caring but firm when necessary. He also keeps a secret he cannot reveal to the other Rangers.


Pink Ranger

The Pink Ranger is the big sister of the Rangers. Her element is sky and her Zord is a turtle.  She is confident, intuitive, and sensitive. She is very pragmatic and cares about the well-being of the Rangers so much that sometimes she neglects her own needs. She thinks of herself as a cook and the rest of the Rangers try their best to act as if her culinary concoctions are actually edible. Her dream is to one day lead a normal teenage life and find her Prince Charming at the mall.


Blue Ranger

The Blue Ranger lives by the code of the Samurai. His element is water and his Zord a dragon.  He is well-trained and a great swordsman. He is extremely disciplined due to being raised with the traditions of the Samurai by a strict, but caring father. He is so earnest that if often becomes comical. By becoming a Power Ranger, he is putting on hold a career as a competitive swimmer.


Green Ranger

The Green Ranger is creative, loves video games, and is a bit of a rebel. His element is forest and his Zord a bear.  He’s never afraid to think outside the box and his unusual tactics during battle make up for his casual approach to training. He is a free spirit, has a goofy sense of humor, and has a hard time fully embracing the formalities and rules of the Samurai tradition. While he is dedicated to the Ranger’s cause, he would jump at the chance to hang with his buddies, skateboard, and destroy video monsters rather than real ones. 


Yellow Ranger

The Yellow Ranger is innocent, sweet, and the youngest of the Rangers. Her element is Earth and her Zord an ape.  She was raised in the country and comes to the city for the first time when she joins the Rangers. Her wide eyed optimism and silliness is infectious. Her older sister was destined to be the Yellow Ranger, but when illness prevented that Emily had no choice but to take her place. She is very musical and is determined to train hard and make her sister proud.


Gold Ranger

Antonio is the most outgoing and playful of the group. Unlike the others, Antonio did not receive any formal Samurai training and mastered his fighting skills on his own.  He is a computer wiz who uses electronic power symbols and even learned how to program his Zords.  He was a childhood friend of Jayden’s who moved away but swore to return and become a Samurai alongside him. Unashamed of his humble origins, he is honored and grateful to fight as a Samurai Ranger and is the ultimate team player. Antonio pilots the OctoZord and the ClawZord.

Other Characters


Tiger Zord


Lion FoldingZord


Turtle FoldingZord


Swordfish Zord


Dragon FoldingZord



Spin Sword


Fire Smasher


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Forest Spear