Season 13 (2005)

Power Rangers S.P.D

In the near future, an elite police force of Power Rangers dedicated to justice fight to save the Earth from an alien invasion led by Emperor Gruumm.


Jack Landors

Red Ranger

Jack, the Red Ranger, begins the season as a Robin Hood-type criminal but soon joins the Power Rangers when his power to de-molecularize and pass through any object earns him a place on the team.

Sydney "Syd" Drew

Pink Ranger

Along with the other Rangers, Syd has extraordinary powers that she is able to engage in order to fight against evil.  Her character possesses the ability to source any element through touch and determine the characteristics of the object.

Schuyler "Sky" Tate

Blue Ranger

Sky has worked through the many levels of the Ranger Academy in order to become a true Power Ranger.  His ability to stretch any part of his body proves incredibly useful for fighting the evil people who wish to harm the Earth.

Elizabeth "Z" Delgado

Yellow Ranger

Z spent most of her life living on the streets – helping the homeless by stealing from those more fortunate. She desired to be a part of something bigger, and when arrested by S.P.D. was offered that chance by Commander Cruger when he made her the Yellow Ranger. Z is the one who always looks out for those who are less fortunate or being picked on.

Bridge Carson

Green Ranger

Bridge has successfully climbed through the training levels at the Ranger Academy and is now a member of the B-Squad Team Rangers.  Aiding Bridge in his fight against evil are his psychic tracking abilities.

Anubis "Doggie" Cruger

Shadow Ranger

Doggie is in command of Earth’s S.P.D. operations. He commands the Power Rangers team, and proves to be one of their most valuable assets by becoming the Shadow Ranger. He is the sole survivor of the planet Sirius, the founder of S.P.D. When the evil Emperor Gruumm attacked Sirius, Doggie faught against all the odds, but couldn’t save anyone on his planet, not even his wife Isinia.  When an old enemy General Benaag appears on Earth, Doggie is reminded of his past and must take up his sword again when Kat is kidnapped. Doggie becomes the Shadow Ranger and learns that there is much that he doesn’t know about the events on Sirius. When his superior officer Supreme Commander Birdie comes to Earth, Doggie is forced to split up the team. Since he doesn’t comply, Birdie relieves him of duty. After Gruumm appears on Earth, Doggie must return as the Shadow Ranger to save the team from Gruumm.


Omega Ranger

Sam was once a young boy who was picked on because of his genetic abilities. He joined S.P.D. after being befriended by Z. 15 years later, he is chosen to become the Omega Ranger. He travels back to 2025 to stop the Troobian Empire’s invasion of Earth. Unfortunately, by making this trip, he has been crystlized in pure light form. He helps the Rangers in their battle against Gruumm, until Kat can find a way to return him to his own time.  While in this time, Sam fights along side the B-Squad and uses his information and technology to help Kat develop more powerful weapons for the other Rangers. When some friends of Piggy steals S.W.A.T. technology, Sam technological advancements are outmatched, but as the force from the future, he is always at the Rangers disposal when they need him.

Other Characters


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