Season 9 (2001)

Power Rangers Time Force

Fugitive mutants from the distant future escape to the present to unleash a wave of crime against a helpless world but the futuristic police force known as the Power Rangers Time Force travel across time to save the past, present, and future.


Wesley Collins

Red Ranger

A millionaire’s son required to live a certain lifestyle by his father, Wes resolves to find his own future.  He abandons the trappings of wealth after discovering the true meaning of friendship and good will, and chooses to help the other Rangers fight evil as the Red Ranger.

Jen Scotts

Pink Ranger

Jen is a super-serious girl who is all business when it comes to catching bad guys.  She is a highly motivated and focused leader who is outspoken and direct.  When interacting with the others, she often seems standoffish but eventually her caring personality is revealed.

Lucas Kendall

Blue Ranger

Lucas is a former racecar driver with a smooth and relaxed demeanor.  His stylish flair and natural good looks renders him popular with the girls.  Lucas is not one to lose his temper and always keeps his cool in every situation.

Katie Walker

Yellow Ranger

Katie is the Ranger with the biggest heart who never hides her emotions. Outwardly friendly and high-spirited, she is the opposite of Jen.  Physically, she is super strong and a tough warrior.  Katie is always the first one to put herself on the line for her friends.


Green Ranger

Trip is a teen genius from another planet.  Quiet and shy, he is still naïve to the ways of Earth, but he tries his best to fit in.  His super-intelligence and creative skills are invaluable to the team.  His pet owl, Circuit, is one of his robotic inventions.  Trip also has psychic abilities that he sometimes can’t control.

Eric Myers

Quantum Ranger

The ambitious Eric was not content with merely being a soldier on the team. He wanted to be leader. He achieved his goal after obtaining the Quantum Morpher and becoming the Quantum Ranger, as well as gaining control of his own Zord – the Q-Rex. Mr. Collins had little choice but to appoint him leader. Eric dishes out his own brand of justice in Silver Hills, clashing with the Rangers each time. Eric lives a lonely life with no friends or family, making him a very bitter and distant person, but when push comes to shove, Eric always does the right thing.

Other Characters


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