Season 5 (1997)

Power Rangers Turbo

The pirate queen Divatox wages war against an all new team of Power Rangers equipped with futuristic cars built for high speed battle.


Cassie Chan

New Pink Ranger

Gutsy and rebellious Cassie came to Angel Grove to pursue a music career, but was chosen by Kat to be the new Pink Ranger when she helped fight off an attack of Piranhatrons and helped save Tommy’s life.

T.J. Johnson

New Red Ranger

When the senior members of the Power Rangers decided to give up their powers and pick a new team, Tommy passed the torch of the Red Ranger to TJ, who showed his bravery when he arrived in Angel Grove and immediately fought off an attack by Divatox’s forces.

Carlos Vallerte

New Green Ranger

Angel Grove’s star soccer player Carlos was chosen to become the new Green Ranger by Adam, and he accepted the role with enthusiasm and a sportsmanlike attitude.

Ashley Hammond

New Yellow Ranger

Chosen by Tanya to be the new Yellow Ranger, bubbly cheerleader Ashley proved to be courageous and a true team player. She developed a friendship  with Carlos, who had a crush on her.

Tommy Oliver

Red Ranger

Tommy is the leader of the Turbo Rangers and, as such, possesses the superior attributes one would expect of any commander-in-chief.  He is strong and courageous, with a powerful sense of duty, honor and commitment.  Tommy knows how important the Turbo Rangers are to the fight for freedom, and never hesitates to accept his role at the forefront of that battle in Red Lightning, his turbo-powered Zord.  Though he is the group’s duly-appointed leader and takes his responsibility quite seriously, Tommy is still a typical teenager and is very human.  He has a terrific sense of humor, loves to have fun, and always has time for the girls, who find him irresistible.   Tommy has undergone great changes as a Power Ranger. Initially, Tommy was the Green Ranger and was at one time under the spell of the evil Rita Repulsa, who began to drain his powers from him before Zordon came to his assistance. Deeming him worthy of leadership, Zordon tapped Tommy to command the Power Rangers, at which time Tommy became the White Ranger.  Last season, inspired by the awesome power of the Zeo Crystal, Tommy led the Rangers as Zeo Ranger Five.

Adam Park

Green Ranger

Formerly known as the Black Power Ranger, Adam is a handsome young Korean-American whose inner strength is his greatest asset.  Shy, humble and somewhat mysterious, this Turbo Ranger is totally unaware of the devastating effect he has on girls of all ages. As a young boy, Adam was smaller than other boys his age, and somewhat introspective. Drawn to martial arts as a means of building self-esteem and holding bullies at bay, Adam has spent years perfecting his form, balance and strength in the pursuit of excellence.  He practices a special martial arts discipline known as Shaolin Kung Fu. Adam is definitely in touch with his Eastern heritage, and a strong sense of spirituality is fundamental to all aspects of his life.  He credits his daily Zen-like meditation for the sharp focus and inner strength which guide him.  This year, Adam will discover a new interest when he becomes involved in a local stunt show.  There he is able to showcase his physical talents, playing a number of roles, which gives him the opportunity to perform some incredible stunts.  His Turbo Zord is Desert Thunder, a powerful mini-van whose Turbo conversions make it the hottest thing on the burning sands.

Katherine Hillard

Pink Ranger

After Katherine, by virtue of her bravery, kindness and agility, was passed the uniform of the Pink Power Ranger, she quickly took on her responsibilities with great enthusiasm and courage.  A born leader, Kat established herself as a force to be  reckoned with.  She is mature and sophisticated, and can handle any situation as well as the guys can, but is also very much in touch with her softer, more feminine qualities.  Katherine is quite involved in the world around her and has a special appreciation for the environment.  She knows that the Earth will take care of us only so long as we take care of it, and practices this principle in all her affairs.  This season, Katherine takes on a new challenge when she becomes a student teacher at Justin’s school.  While there, she quickly discovers that Justin is indeed a genius, and can make quite a contribution to the efforts of the Turbo Rangers.  As the Pink Turbo Ranger, Kat controls the Turbo Zord Wind Chaser.

Justin Stewart

Blue Ranger

The newest member of the Power Rangers team, Justin is a bright and energetic pre-teen who lives at the Angel Grove youth shelter and is befriended by the Power  Rangers.  He is wide-eyed and extremely inquisitive about everything.  And while his enthusiasm and lack of experience often get him into trouble, he is always willing to learn from his mistakes. After Rocky gets hurt, Justin steps in to take on his duties as a Turbo Ranger, every kid’s dream come true.  But with the excitement comes a great deal of responsibility, which Justin seems ready to accept.  Like most kids his age, Justin enjoys video and computer games — so much that he has become something of an expert.  That skill is soon put to good use as a Turbo Ranger. Always looking to the other Power Rangers for guidance, Justin finds that he now has older brothers and sisters looking out for him.  Justin is also extremely smart.  He is so smart, in fact, that while attending summer school where Katherine is a student teacher, it is discovered that Justin’s IQ is much higher than that of his peers.  Quickly bumped ahead to high school, Justin will soon face a whole new set of challenges as he attends school with kids who are older than he.  As the Blue Turbo Ranger, Justin controls the Turbo Zord  Mountain Blaster.

Tanya Sloan

Yellow Ranger

One of the newer members of the Turbo Ranger family, Tanya is a young African American girl who assisted former Power Ranger Aisha when visiting Africa.   After helping Aisha, Tanya traveled across the globe to Angel Grove, where she was  embraced by the other Power Rangers and invited into the group.  Ever-mindful of  her roots, Tanya is very interested in African culture, and sharing it with others.  Enthusiastic and vibrant, Tanya adores music and has a wonderful voice.  Her goal is to become a pop singer.  Her personal energy, like her favorite music, is extremely upbeat. She is like a bright light which cannot be hidden or ignored.  Her sense of excitement about everything is infectious, and very positive.  In fact, it is her upbeat, positive energy which is her greatest attribute.  Of the Turbo Rangers, Tanya is perhaps closest to Adam, with whom she perfects her martial arts skills.  Like Adam, Tanya has a very dry sense of humor and a wry wit.  To further her interest in music, Tanya has landed an internship at a local radio station, where she is sure to learn more about the recording industry.  As the Yellow Turbo Ranger, Tanya controls the Turbo Zord Dune Star.

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