Season 4 (1996)

Power Rangers Zeo

The tyrannical Machine Empire arrives to conquer Earth.  Drawing on newfound powers from the legendary Zeo Crystals, the Power Rangers are reborn stronger than before.


Tommy Oliver

Red Ranger

Tommy is the leader of the Zeo Rangers and, as such, possesses the superior attributes one would expect of any commander-in-chief.  He is strong and courageous, with a powerful sense of duty, honor and commitment.  Tommy knows how important the Zeo Rangers are in the fight for freedom, and never hesitates to accept his role at the forefront of that battle atop Zeo Zord Five, which embodies the fierce and noble spirit of the ancient Phoenix.  Though he is the group’s duly-appointed leader and takes his responsibility quite seriously, Tommy is still a typical teenager and is very human.  He has a terrific sense of humor, loves to have fun, and always has time for the girls, who find him irresistible. Tommy has undergone great changes as a Power Ranger.  Initially, Tommy was the Green Ranger and was at one time under the spell of the evil Rita Repulsa, who began to drain his powers from him before Zordon came to his assistance.  Deeming him worthy of leadership, Zordon tapped Tommy to command the Power Rangers, at which time Tommy became the White Ranger.

Rocky DeSantos

Blue Ranger

Rocky is probably the most charismatic and outgoing of all the Zeo Rangers.  He’s the kind of guy everybody would vote to be class president — likable, charming, sincere and extremely attractive.  Rocky is an open and giving person who remembers the struggles of his childhood in a broken home where he helped his mom to raise six younger siblings.  He is not bitter about his childhood even though he took on a lot of responsibility at a very early age — a time when most of his friends were busy playing ball.  To help deal with the complexities of his home life, Rocky began the study of martial arts at a young age.  Now he is a Black Belt with awesome skills and keen concentration.  Rocky’s sense of humor is one of his greatest attributes, and it is evident in everything he does.  Though he takes his responsibility as a Zeo Ranger very seriously, Rocky definitely appreciates the good times in life and loves to party.  When doing battle against the evil forces of the Machine Empire, Rocky commands Zeo Zord Three, which possesses the mysterious power of the mythical Sphinx, an ancient Egyptian creature with the body of a lion and the head of a man.

Adam Park

Green Ranger

Formerly known as the Black Power Ranger, Adam is a handsome young Korean-American whose inner strength is his greatest asset.  Shy, humble and somewhat mysterious, this Zeo Ranger is totally unaware of the devastating effect he has on girls of all ages.  As a young boy, Adam was smaller than other boys his age, and somewhat introspective.  Drawn to martial arts as a means of building self-esteem and holding bullies at bay, Adam has spent years perfecting his form, balance and strength in the pursuit of excellence.  He practices a special martial arts discipline known as Shaolin Kung Fu.  Adam is definitely in touch with his Eastern heritage, and a strong sense of spirituality is fundamental to all aspects of his life.  He credits his daily Zen-like meditation for the sharp focus and inner strength which guide him.  In battle, Adam’s inner strength is paired with the mighty strength of Taurus, the bull, as he sits astride Zeo Zord Four.

Tanya Sloan

Yellow Ranger

The newest member of the ZEO Ranger family, Tanya is a young African girl who assists Aisha on her quest to find her Zeo Crystal.  Alone on the plains of Africa,  Aisha is led to the safety of a village by Tanya, a local girl who shares Aisha’s passion  for life and adventure.  When Aisha decides to remain in Africa, Tanya travels to California with the Zeo Crystal which Aisha has passed on to her. Upon her arrival in Angel Grove, Tanya is immediately embraced by the other Zeo Rangers and is invited into the group.  Enthusiastic and vibrant, she takes an interest in everything about her new home, and is active in all kinds of sports.  She especially likes American baseball and softball, and becomes an extremely accomplished player very quickly.  Tanya also adores music, and her personal energy, like her favorite music, is extremely upbeat.  She is like a bright light which cannot be hidden or ignored.  Her sense of excitement about everything is infectious, and very positive.  In fact, it is her upbeat, positive energy which is her greatest attribute.  Like Katherine, Tanya pilots an extremely powerful Zeo Zord into battle and remains ever-mindful of its tremendous firepower.

Katherine Hillard

Pink Ranger

Last season, Katherine, by virtue of her bravery, kindness and agility, was passed the uniform of the Pink Power Ranger following the departure of Kimberly.  A born leader, Kat has quickly established herself as a force to be reckoned with.  She is mature and sophisticated, and can handle any situation as well as the guys can, but is also very much in touch with her softer, more feminine qualities.  Katherine is very much involved in the world around her and has a special appreciation for the environment.  She knows that the Earth will take care of us only so long as we take care of it, and practices this principle in all her affairs.  As a Zeo Ranger, Katherine pilots one of the new Zeo Zords with the greatest firepower. These Zords are awesome pieces of mobile artillery, capable of great destruction.


Gold Ranger

When the Machine Empire began their campaign to take over the world, an alien named Trey, the lord of the distant planet of Triforia, came to assist as the Gold Ranger. Unique in that he has three bodies, and three souls that act as one being, Trey was a great asset to the team until he was wounded, and forced to pass his powers on to a human: the original Red Ranger Jason. When Jason’s body was unable to absorb the alien natures of the Powers, Trey returned to reclaim his powers, before heading back to his home world.

Jason Lee Scott

Gold Ranger

When the Gold Ranger’s powers began to wane from Trey, measures were taken to transfer the powers to someone else, before they were lost forever.  Jason, the original heroic Red Ranger, became the new Gold Ranger, accepting the powers and rejoining the team. Unfortunately, his human body was unable to accept the alien nature of the Gold powers, and they were transferred back to Trey.

Other Characters


Warrior Wheel





Golden Shield

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Red Zeo Jet Cycle

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Zeonizer with Zeo Crystal

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Wrist Communicator

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Golden Power Staff

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Zeo Blade

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Zeo Pistol

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