Season 1 (1993)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 1

Alien sorceress Rita Repulsa and her army of monsters emerge from space to conquer Earth. All that stands in their way are five teenagers with attitude who draw on dinosaur powers to transform into the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Jason Lee Scott

Red Ranger

A seventeen-year-old black belt in karate and the leader of the team, he is serious about his martial arts and spends much of his time working out new moves and perfecting old ones.  The remainder of his time is spent on schoolwork and hanging out with his friends, like most other kids his age.  He is a likable guy of few words who keeps his feelings close to himself.  When things get rough, he will shout a few short orders but prefers to let his hands and feet do the talking.  Jason is a patriotic sort of guy who is very much into the idea of being a superhero and saving the world.  He is, however, first and foremost, a teenager with all the ups and downs and hopes and dreams that go along with his age.  Sometimes his sly smile betrays his rugged young warrior mantle to reveal a kid next door with a bit of a mischievous streak.  As a Power Ranger, Jason draws his power from the Tyrannosaurus Rex.  His weapon is the Power Sword and he also pilots the Megazord when it is fully assembled.

Kimberly Hart

Pink Ranger

She is a bright and beautiful girl who loves mirrors, shopping malls and gymnastics.  At school she is always the most popular girl and loves the attention she receives.  Deep down she is strong and independent and has always longed for adventure and danger.  She is always positive when she’s with her friends and saves her sarcasm for the bad guys.  Kimberly does exhibit one “spoiled” trait, she loves to shop!  But for her it isn’t about what she buys, it is about going somewhere and having fun looking at things.  In other words, she is not spoilt;  it’s just her way of being nice to herself!  Kimberly is also a champion gymnast and brings this skill with her into her life as a Power Ranger.  She works hard at it and is able to jump and flip out of almost any situation.  As a Power Ranger, Kimberly draws power from the Pterodactyl.  Her weapon is the Power Bow.

Billy Cranston

Blue Ranger

Billy is an ultra-intelligent kid who at times has trouble communicating with his peers. Many consider him a nerd… until they get to know him.  The fact is, Billy is a sweet, good-hearted super-genius, who has focused entirely on academics.  He often talks in techno-speak, using complicated language that only Trini seems to understand.  At school, Billy can be found inside the computer center testing his latest theory on gravity manipulation or designing his latest invention.  He belongs to the debate team, the science club, the math club, the chess club, Mensa and the William F. Buckley Vocabulary Society.  Billy is fascinated by the world around him and has a deep need to know how everything works.  Little things like gamma rays and accelerated sub-atomic particles keep him happy and engaged in his hobby… learning.  In spite of his intelligence Billy is shy and reserved, except when he is with his fellow Power Rangers.  It is with them that he feels at home and free to be himself.  As a Power Ranger, Billy draws power from the Triceratops and his weapon is the Power Lance.

Trini Kwan

Yellow Ranger

Zordon describes Trini as the one who has “lightning hands and a peaceful soul.”  She is a devoted martial artist, into both the spiritual as well as the physical  aspects of her karate.  She is slow to anger but will, if pushed to the wall, neutralize any opponent with a minimum of effort.  She is generally observant and is quite intelligent.  She is, in fact, the only person who truly understands Billy. At school, Trini is very active in school events and good causes.  Most of the kids in school look up to her and follow her examples.  In spite of her extraordinary skills, she is quite a patient person and will take a certain amount of pushing – but only to a point.  Then her training takes over and she becomes a razor-sharp fighter with lightning reflexes.  As a Power Ranger, Trini’s  power comes from the Sabertooth Tiger.  Her weapon is the Power Daggers.

Zack Taylor

Black Ranger

Zack is a kid in love with life.  He is everybody’s friend and lights up a room when he enters it.  He’s also a kid with a good heart and a seemingly boundless supply of energy.  He is smooth talking, streetwise, very clever and has the ability to disarm his adversaries with a quick smile and a smooth line.  He fancies himself to be quite a ladies’ man.  At school you’ll find Zack hanging around the music rooms, telling stories in the quad or helping a kid out with a teacher problem.  Zack’s passion in life is music and dance.  He loves all kinds of music from Handel to Hip Hop and can dance to any beat.  He is also an accomplished gymnast — a skill which he combines with dancing and martial arts to form a karate style he calls Hip-Hop-Kido.  Zack is quite intelligent and uses that intelligence to provide a balance to Jason’s gung-ho style.  Though his courage is unarguable, he will often act as the voice of caution when a situation is unclear or overly dangerous.  Intuition is the guide of Zack’s life — a fact that is often reflected in the rationale for the decisions he makes (he acts on hunches and instinct).  As a Power Ranger, Zack draws power from the Mastodon.  His weapon is the Power Axe.

Tommy Oliver

Green Ranger

Tommy is initially the most powerful of the Power Rangers.  He received his Green Ranger Power while under a spell from Rita.  He was saved by the Power Rangers from a life of serving the Evil Empress and joined them to fight on the side of good.  Using his formidable martial arts skills and his Power Shield, Tommy was always there to help out the Power Rangers when things got tough.  That is until through treachery, Rita and Goldar managed to cause Tommy to lose his powers.  After a while Tommy was once again called on to help the Power Rangers and was powered by Zordon,  but his powers are only temporary and they ebb and flow.  As a Power Ranger, Tommy draws power from the Dragonzord. His weapon is the Dragon Dagger.

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