Season 22 (2015)

Power Rangers Dino Charge


Millions of years ago, an intergalactic bounty hunter named Sledge tried desperately to capture the 10 mysterious Energems, each capable of filling whomever possessed them with incredible powers. Keeper, the wise and ancient guardian of the Energems, entrusted each Energem to the Earth’s mightiest beasts, the dinosaurs, for protection. Centuries later after the dinosaurs went extinct, some of the Energems were discovered by humans. Those who proved worthy gained the ability to morph into Power Rangers. But now, Sledge has returned and has vowed to capture the Energems at all costs. It is up to the Power Rangers Dino Charge to hunt down the rest of the Energems and defeat Sledge once and for all!


Tyler Navarro

Red Ranger

Tyler is the 18 year-old leader of the Rangers. He’s curious, energetic, and gregarious; a free-spirit who fully embraces the idea that life is an adventure.

  • Weapon: T-Rex Smasher
  • Dinosaur Spirit: Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Energem: Red

Shelby Watkins

Pink Ranger

Shelby is a strong-willed 18 year-old tomboy, who is fascinated by dinosaurs, and has dreams of becoming a paleontologist. She is the only core female Ranger and is determined not to let anyone treat her any differently because of it

  • Weapon: Tricera Drill
  • Dinosaur Spirit: Triceratops
  • Energem: Pink


Blue Ranger

100,000 years ago, Koda lived in jungle caves with his tribe. Though his caveman ways make him a fish-out-of-water, he’s got a heart of gold, is fiercely loyal, and is as strong as an ox.

  • Weapon: Stego Shield
  • Dinosaur Spirit: Stegosaurus
  • Energem: Blue

Riley Griffin

Green Ranger

Riley is a quiet, confident, and disciplined boy who is easily underestimated. At only 17-years-old, he’s a bit younger than the other Rangers, but just as fierce. › Weapon: T-Rex Claw

  • Weapon: T-Rex Claw
  • Dinosaur Spirit: Raptor
  • Energem: Green

Chase Randall


Chase is a cool and laid-back 18 year-old from New Zealand. He wears the right clothes, receives a lot of attention from the girls and is never seen without his skateboard or headphones!

  • Weapon: Para Chopper
  • Dinosaur Spirit: Parasaur
  • Energem: Black

Sir Ivan of Zandar


Ivan is an 18 year-old brave and valiant knight from the Kingdom of Zandar. He was broken out of Fury’s body by the Dino Charge.

  • Weapon: Ptera Morpher and Saber
  • Dinosaur Spirit: Pterodactyl
  • Energem: Gold



Zenowing was once Keeper’s apprentice. Zenowing remained trapped within Doomwing for years, until the Rangers discovered him and created a Split Emitter to split them apart. Now free, he fights alongside the Rangers as the Silver Ranger.

  • Weapon: Titano Charge Morpher
  • Dinosaur Spirit: Titanosaurus
  • Energem: Silver



Everyone has assumed that Sledge has been destroyed after the destruction of his ship. His return has taken everyone by surprise, including Snide and Lord Arcanon. What has Sledge been up to this entire time? He’s been “hatching” a plan to collect all the energems.



Poisandra was Sledge's bride-to-be and she is absolutely devastated that he's gone forever because that means no more dream wedding! She's now stuck serving Snide.



Keeper is a reptile-like creature, tasked with the important responsibility of guarding the Energems. He is the spiritual guide and moral compass that reminds the Rangers why they fight



A mechanical soldier who knows more about tools than combat, Wrench is Sledge's go-to man for all of his spaceship repairs.



Fury is a hotheaded warrior who with no code of honor. Sledge won him in a card game, but saw little value in the fighter and locked him away. Fury wants to destroy the Rangers and retrieve the Energems only so he can regain his freedom

Kendall Morgan


Kendall is a brilliant 26 year-old scientist, who provides the Rangers with the support and tough love they need to make it through their adventures Using her science background, she develops new weapons for the Rangers and repairs their existing ones

Dino Charge Megazord

The Dino Charge Megazord is the main Megazord for the Dino Charge Rangers. It is created when the Red Ranger's T-Rex Zord and two other Zords combine. This Megazord has multiple combinations, making it a versatile and imposing weapon

T-Rex Zord

The T-Rex Zord is the Red Ranger's personal Zord. It is mirrored after a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Tyler calls his beloved Zord Rexy. When combined with others, it is the base to the Dino Charge Megazord

Tricera Zord

The Tricera Zord is the Pink Ranger's Zord. It is mirrored after a Triceratops. When combined with the others, it is the left arm in Dino Charge MegaZord

Stego Zord

The Stego Zord is Blue Ranger's Zord. It is mirrored after a Stegosaurus. When combined with others, it is the right arm to Dino Charge Megazord

Raptor Zord

The Raptor Zord is the Green Ranger's Zord. It is mirrored after a Raptor. When combined with the others, it is the left arm to Dino Charge Megazord

Para Zord

The Raptor Zord is the Green Ranger's Zord. It is mirrored after a Raptor. When combined with the others, it is the left arm to Dino Charge Megazord

Ptera Zord

The Ptera Zord is the Gold Ranger's Zord. It is mirrored after the Pterodactyl. The Ptera Zord can also transform into the Ptera Megazord.